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Exploring the frontiers of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Blockchain to innovate what is needed for the human race to take the next steps towards a better future

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Our Services

Artificial Intelligence

Looking for an AI solution for your problem? We got you covered. We provide you with customized solutions from intelligent document reading, all the way to robotics.

Conversational AI

From simple chat bots to advanced conversational AI. Especially tailored to your domain and company.

Sentiment Analysis

Want to see how your product/service is perceived by your customers? Checkout our social media sentiment analysis services.

Intelligent Character Recognition

Got lots of paper bound documents with typed and handwritten texts and tables which need digitizing? We have solutions for you. 

Image Processing

From face recognition to advanced emotion and pose detection, our image/video processing system covers all.

Data Science

Looking for a way to make sense of your company data? We provide you with a variety of solutions from finding out hidden insights to intelligent visualization.

Master Indexes & Deduplication

Taking in records from multiple sources with duplicates and giving you back master indexed files using automated data mapping 

Predictive Analysis & Forecasting

Need to predict which product is more likely to succeed? Need forecasting of next month’s sales? We got you covered.

Intelligent Data Visualization

Fed up with going through excel and csv files? Feed in the files to our system and get intelligent auto-generated visualizations.

Statistical ANalysis

Don’t know how to analyse your company data? Have millions of records? Not to worry. We got you covered.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Being an AI company, majority of our products and services are based on cutting edge approaches in AI, Deep Learning, Robotic and Internet of Things.

Our Approach


Our belief is that, to come to an exceptional solution one needs to have a clear and in depth understanding of the problem. With this in mind, our team works closely with each client to discover and understand the problem. We accomplish this with meetings, whiteboard sessions and brainstorming sessions while utilizing our internal and outside domain expertise. This provides us valuable insight into client’s perspective thus allowing us to converge to unique and more efficient solutions


We pay a high attention on the data analysis phase where we go through many statistical analysis and representations. In this analysis phase, we continue the back and forth communication with the client which we started in the Discovery phase since we believe that effective products and services are an outcome of clear communication as much as they are on algorithms, skills and technology.


With the in depth understanding of the problem, the data, and the environment and conditions under which the end system will operate; we begin designing the architecture. Here, we apply our vast expertise ranging from statistics to machine learning, databases to front end interfaces, and so on to create a custom architecture which is tailored to the scenario. With an architecture for the system in hand, we develop a prototype (a model as a POC) to demonstrate the viability of the method(s) selected. 

Development & Support

Once the client is satisfied with the prototype, we begin development of the system. Here, we go through the architecture again to fine tune any aspects if necessary and start the development and testing cycle. We use standard quality assurance and data science specific testing which cover both manual and automated test sequences.  We continue our support to the client in the maintenance of the system as well as provide the client with opportunities for new upgrades which we come up with our research division.

Featured Work

Predicting Personality & Psychology

Deep Persona 

Deep Persona is our flagship product which analyses a person’s social media activity, videos as well as public news feeds to provide a comprehensive analysis of the his/her persona including personality traits, potential for psychological disorders, high right character traits, etc.

Conversational AI


Zeus is an advanced conversational AI which can be fully trained and customized for any domain. Zeus is capable of maintaining conversations while retaining context of the discussion, thus providing the user with intelligent and more natural conversations.

Social Media Sentiment Analysis


Perc3pt connects to social media and extract information in real time to analyse sentiments and generate intelligent insights as well as visualizations. Perc3pt is also equipped with ‘campaign’ features where continuous analysis is available.

kchain Solutions

Plexus & Plexus-V

Plexus is a decentralized distributed digital identity platform connecting entities such as students, universities, companies, etc. while Plexus-V is a digital voting system backed by Blockchain.

real Time Video Processing


V-Monitor analyses real time video inputs and performs customized object detection, depth calculation, face recognition, emotion recognition and human pose & action estimations