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Artificial Intelligence


Conversational AI

From simple chat bots to advanced conversational AI.  Trained & customized to your domain giving best experience to your users. 

Sentiment Analysis

Need to see how your product/service is perceived by your customers? Checkout our social media sentiment analysis services.

Intelligent Document Reading

Got lots of paper bound documents with typed and handwritten texts and tables which need digitizing? We have solutions for you.

Image/Video Processing

From face recognition to advanced emotion and pose detection, our image/video processing system covers all.


Reinforcement learning powered robotics modules for different scenarios including system optimization to navigation.

Internet of Things

Sensor modules which are equipped with long distance communication features allowing remote monitoring.

Conversational AI

Conversational bots are different from traditional limited scope chatbots. With conversational AI, the dialog feel more natural to  the user and the AI is smart enough to understand the context of the conversation.

Domain Specific

Our AI modules are capable of being customized and trained for specific domains thus being able to perform much smarter than their traditional counter parts.



Retaining and properly recalling relevent information discussed during the conversation makes the user experience more real. Our modules are fine tuned to pay attention to important information and use them during the dialog.

Cloud/on site

Depending on the customer preference, our modules can be deployed either in cloud or on site. Certain modules such as internal communication bots are deployed on company premises while other are recommended for cloud.


Our conversational AI modules can be deployed as web applications, mobile applications or in some cases are pure rest APIs thus giving your in-house front end developers the access to design the user interfaces as they please.


One feature we provide is the periodic improvement of the conversational capabilities of the AI. We use the live communication logs to train the AI every few months to make it more and more unique to your patterns.

Sentiment Analysis

The power social media has on changing the perception of the public rapidly is increasing every year. Businesses no longer can leave things to chance. A proper sentiment analysis frame work helps the businesses to monitor the patterns and act accordingly.


With our modules, businesses can monitor social media sentiment on their brands and events in real time and take proactive measures before the public sentiment fully goes towards undesired directions.



Currently our modules support Youtube and Twitter. If you wish to monitor a different social media, our modules are written in such a way that such a request can be accomadated with very little customization.


Most of our social media modules do not require access to your company social media accounts. We monitor the channels globally through our access points and analyze the results on our cloud intallations.


Our modules does not stop at just giving you the sentiment measures. We provide you with additional insights ranging from demographics to interactive dashboards which can be integrated to your documentations.

Other media

Our core modules are not dependent on any input channel. This gives us the capability of providing you with sentiment analysis for any media including blog comments, message boards, etc.

Intelligent Document Reading

Many companies have collections of paper based documentations which are needed to be digitized. But using human data entry approaches is time consuming and is very costly. Intelligent document reading is an approach where you hand this over to a machine.


The hardest inputs for traditional OCR systems are the handwritten documents. We have built our modules on top of deep learning approaches, thus enabling us to provide you with high accuracy handwritten document reading.



Having tables in the documents makes it much time consuming for manual data entry and much difficult for traditional OCR. Our modules are trainable for different tabular forms thus providing customized solutions for you.


Most of our clients are in heath and insurance industries, therefore we are well versed in maintaining your data privacy and security. All of our products and services follow the HIPAA and other data privacy regulations. 

Scan and Upload

The user just has to scan the paper based documents and upload. Our modules take care of the rest. No need to worry about the orientations or any other matter, as long as you scan each document fully, you will get the results.


We provide the features of integrating your databases or any other third party information in order to improve the accuracy of the outputs. Also the outputs can be document based or can directly be linked to your databases.

Image/Video Processing

A video input is capable of capturing a large amount of data and AI approaches which utilizes these information to improve a wide range of aspects of human life is becoming more and more common place.

Human pose and Actions

Our modules are capable of estimating human pose from real time video streams as well as predict more than 200 different human actions.


Human Emotions

Our human emotion estimation modules are capable of analyzing the facial features of humans and estimate the emotion the person is feeling. From happy to sad, from irritated to angry, our modules can detect a wide range of emotions.


Wish to have the smart analysis live stream on your phone? or via a web interface? Our modules are capable of being embedded within mobile as well as web platforms thus enabling us to provide you with the best solution that suits you.

Face recognition

Our face recognition modules are capable of detecting and recognizing faces in real time video streams. The module is trainable for your desired groups as well as configure to recognize multiple people in a single stream. 

Object and depth

 Our object recognition modules are not only trainable for any and all types of object recognition tasks, but they also provide you with depth calculations features estimating the distance to each object.


Our individual robotics modules are developed utilizing many of the previously mentioned technologies together with core robotics approaches. We have developed the modules in such a way that they are independent and can be integrated together or with third parties.


Algorithms we have developed for different scenarios are fully tested in simulated environments which are built in-house and then are tested on actual hardware.



Though most of our modules are using a variety of approaches, our main pick for learning has been reinforcement learning. With this approach our modules are more accurate and more importantly, they are robust.


As our algorithms are modularized and mostly independent, we are capable of quickly customizing these to your specific scenario, adjusting and testing in the simulations thus enabling rapid prototyping. 

Remote access

We provide you with user interfaces for controlling and monitoring each robotic module either directly on the module or as a web interface which you can access from anywhere, thus giving you constant control over the module.


As new and fast technologies are invented with time, we adopt those and improve our algorithms and these upgrades are provided freely or for a small upgrade fee, such that you will be able to enjoy the newer and faster features.

Internet of Things

Everything is becoming smart. The IoT industry is booming. We are also bringing you several IoT solutions to make your life and business more efficient.

Smart lighting

Our smart lighting module controls the lighting of a given area intelligently, taking in to account the ambient lighting as well as occupancy. We recommend this for your office conference rooms.



Our sensor modules are equipped with long distance communication and durable power sources and comes with remote monitoring web interfaces. Based on the customer requirements, the sensor data can be streamed to any place.

Smart lock

Our smart lock module comes with a camera, central processor and a electronic lock. The module is programmable for faces and thus unlocking only when a predefined face is recognized by the module through its camera.

Voice controls

Our voice control module utilizes the natural language processing and controls a wide range of actuators based on a range of commands. The commands are reprogrammable thus giving the owners to pick as they wish.


Our team is equipped with a wide range of expertise including electronics, artificial intelligence, programming, etc. giving us the capability of designing and producing any custom IoT requirement a client may have.

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