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Our Products


intelligent Document Reader


Eddie is an intelligent document processors capable of being customized for client domains. Eddie takes in pdfs or images of scanned documents and extract the information intelligently to digitized formats. Eddie is capable of extracting handwritten or typed text and tabular data in your documents.

Scanned Documents

Extracting information from scanned documents with our generic and personalized intelligent text extractors.

Handwritten TExt

Using cutting edge deep learning approaches and extracting handwritten text information from PDFs of scanned documents.


Integration with secondary information sources to increase the accuracy as well as output integration with client databases.

Tabular Data

Intelligently detecting and extracting table structure of PDF documents and exporting tables in excel and csv formats.

Inspection Portal

Integration of dedicated personalized portal for manual inspection of the automatically extracted texts and tables.

Machine Vision Extension

Extending scanned PDF, our machine vision solutions are able to cater for more unique scenarios depending on client workflows.

Conversational AI


Zeus is an advanced conversational AI which can be fully trained and customized for any domain. Zeus is capable of maintaining conversations while retaining context of the discussion, thus providing the user with intelligent and more natural conversations.

Social Media Sentiment Analysis


Perc3pt connects to social media and extract information in real time to analyse sentiments and generate intelligent insights as well as visualizations. Perc3pt is also equipped with ‘campaign’ features where continuous analysis is available.

real time Twitter

Monitoring global Twitter feed in real time and extract every tweet related to the defined hashtags. 

Youtube On Demand

Analyzes Youtube videos on demand to provide insights using everything from video meta data to comments and interactions.

Power BI Dashboards

Integration with Power BI dashboards to provide interactive graphs and tables with sentiment analysis results.

Twitter Analysis by location

Analyzing the global feed and track the sentiment based on geographical locations of tweet origin.

Youtube Scheduled

Schedules analyzers on desired Youtube videos to run every hour/day/week/etc to create periodic insights.

Custom Portals with Dashboards

Custom ports dedicated of your organization to based on your specific requirements.

Blockchain Solutions


Plexus is a cutting edge blockchain-backed Digital Identity solution. Where an individual can own and control their own Identity without depending on third parties. This platform creates a network of Digital Identity Providers, Digital Identity Consumers, and Validators. 

You own your data

Your data is not stored in someone else’s data silos which are honeypots for attackers but in your own device encrypted. 


No one can see or trace how you interact with others


You can instantaneously share, validate and verify the identity data with the blockchain.

Blockchain level security

Developed using Blockchain Technology thus secure by design.

You control how your data used

You control what and how others can see your data.

Consent based

Without your consent no one can access any part of your information, which you can revoke any time. 

Blockchain Solutions


Plexus-V is an extension of our  Self Sovereign Identity Solution Plexus. This product is utilizing the power of Digital Identity to create a secure and convenient platform for Voting

Cost savings

Governments do not need to spend thousands of dollars on elections.

Digital Voting Process

Voting is easy as a tapping few buttons.

Blockchain level security

Developed using Blockchain Technology thus secure by design.


Your vote is anonymous and cannot be traced back to you.

real Time Video Processing


V-Monitor analyses real time video inputs and performs customized object detection, depth calculation, face recognition, emotion recognition and human pose & action estimations

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